Pritzker Private Capital Port Co Valicor Environmental Services Acquires Usher Oil

Monroe, Ohio – January 5, 2023 – Valicor Environmental Services (“Valicor”), North America’s largest provider of non-hazardous wastewater treatment and recycling services, today announced it has acquired Usher Oil (“Usher”), a centralized wastewater treatment facility (“CWT”) in Detroit. The acquisition strengthens Valicor’s leading position in the Detroit market, enabling the company to provide sustainable wastewater treatment and recycling services to an expanded base of customers and better serve its existing clients in the region.

Usher Oil, a fourth-generation family-owned and managed business, is a provider of liquid industrial waste treatment. The company specializes in chemical, oxidation and precipitation treatment techniques and provides responsible waste conversion services in the region. Founded in 1930, Usher operates out of a 450,000 square-foot facility where the company processes and recycles more than five million gallons of wastewater annually.

Steve Hopper, CEO of Valicor, said, “We’re pleased to continue our trajectory of growth with the acquisition of Usher Oil and our new partnership with the Usher family. Valicor has long admired the pioneering spirit, customer-centric approach and commitment to environmental stewardship that are ingrained in Usher’s business. I am confident they are a strong fit with Valicor.”  

“Our relationship with the Usher family dates back many years and we could not be more thrilled with the partnership with the entire Usher team,” said Bill Hinton, Senior Advisor of Corporate Development at Valicor. “Both Valicor and Usher customers alike will benefit from the partnership and the addition of Usher’s services and expertise.”

Matthew Usher, CEO of Usher Oil, said, “Valicor and Pritzker Private Capital appreciate the history of our family-owned enterprise and I am thrilled that we will honor that legacy as we grow together. Valicor will support our next phase of growth and help us continue to meet our high standards of service excellence, safety and compliance. I am confident Valicor is the right partner for our next chapter.”

Valicor is part of the Pritzker Private Capital family of companies. Valicor’s acquisition strategy focuses on partnering with CWT facilities and other purveyors of environmental services additive to its customer relationships, including solidification, waste-to-energy, product destruction and related services. With the addition of Usher Oil, Valicor now operates 29 facilities across 14 states and recycles more than 330 million gallons of wastewater annually.

Ben Barry, Vice President at Pritzker Private Capital, added, “With this acquisition, Valicor further expands its nationwide platform and extends its position as an industry leader in wastewater treatment and recycling services. We welcome the talented team at Usher Oil to the Valicor and Pritzker Private Capital families.”

About Valicor
Valicor is the largest provider of non-hazardous wastewater treatment services in North America. Leveraging its extensive fleet of tankers and a network of strategically located centralized wastewater treatment facilities, the Company transports and processes a diverse set of wastewater streams that result from the manufacture of industrial and consumer goods. The Company’s mission-critical services allow customers to meet federal, state, and local regulations by safely and responsibly disposing of oily water, leachate, soaps, line flush waste, and similar waste streams and it also provides a diverse set of landfill solidification, product destruction, and retail oil services. As an ISO 14001 certified organization, Valicor takes great pride in its environmental compliance process. For more information, visit

About Usher Oil
Usher Oil is a licensed liquid industrial waste treatment operation located in Detroit, Michigan. Founded in 1930, Usher Oil safely treats non-hazardous wastewater and recycles byproduct oil products at its facility in Detroit, MI. The Company processes approximately five million gallons of wastewater annually. Applying innovation and technological expertise, Usher Oil endeavors to creatively provide its clients, associates and the community with the peace of mind of knowing that their waste materials are being managed with the utmost safety, compliance and nurture for the environment. For more information, visit

About Pritzker Private Capital
Pritzker Private Capital partners with middle-market companies based in North America with leading positions in the manufactured products and services sectors. The firm’s differentiated, long-duration capital base allows for efficient decision-making, broad flexibility with transaction structure and investment horizon, and alignment with all stakeholders. Pritzker Private Capital builds businesses for the long term and is an ideal partner for entrepreneur-and family-owned companies. Pritzker Private Capital is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). For more information, visit

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