Preview: Honorees at IVCA Awards Dinner on December 5th, 2022

November 23, 2022It’s that time to honor the IVCA’s finest, and the 2022 Awards Dinner will be at The Four Seasons Chicago on December 5th, presented by Kirkland Ellis LLP. The Stanley C. Golder Awardee is Stephen V. King, the Founding Partner of Prairie Capital. The Venture Capital IVCA Portfolio Company of the Year is AIM Clinics. The Private Equity IVCA Portfolio Company of the Year is TPC.

To preview the Awards Dinner, the IVCA newsletter goes online to gather the background profiles and headlines for each honoree …

STEPHEN V. KING, The Stanley C Golder Award

The Stanley C. Golder Award honors individuals who have made profound and lasting contributions to the Private Equity and Venture Capital industries in Illinois.

Stephen V. King co-founded (with Bryan Daniels) Prairie Capital in 1997 and currently serves as a Partner of the firm. Prior to Prairie, Mr. King led the formation of ANB Mezzanine Corporation (then a subsidiary of First Chicago Corporation), serving as its President from 1994 to 1997. Previously, he held positions of increasing responsibility with American National Bank & Trust Company of Chicago, also a subsidiary of First Chicago Corporation. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago and JD from Loyola University.

Mr. King is on the Board of Directors of First Busey Corporation. He is also a Leadership Greater Chicago Fellow and past chairman of NASBIC (now the Small Business Investor Alliance). Mr. King is active in various civic and community organizations with a particular interest in education, including the IVCA Scholar Program. He is currently on the Board of Directors of Arc of Hope, Big Shoulders Fund, Loyola Academy, Catholic Charities and The Academy at St Joan of Arc. Mr. King raised his four children in Evanston, where he and his wife continue to live.

HEADLINE, ‘Prairie Capital Named to Inc’s 2022 List of Founder Friendly Investors’


AIM CLINICS, Venture Capital IVCA Portfolio Company of the Year

The mission of Autism in Motion (AIM) Clinics is to provide individualized high quality services designed to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder improve their lives. They foster an environment to prepare their clients for a future of independence and success by using evidence based treatment and data driven method. Their goal is to bring world class autism therapy to geographic areas where unmet need is highest. AIM provides one-on-one, gold standard ABA therapy to children at an average of 20+ hours per client per week and is fully accredited by the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE).  AIM was launched in Chicago where its headquarters remain

The company received Seed stage funding and two follow on rounds of funding from Breakout Capital. Breakout exited the company in 2021 at a 20x multiple of initial capital invested.

HEADLINE, ‘Hopebridge and AIM Clinics, Now Under One Brand With One Mission’


TPC TRAINING (Industrial Training and Compliance Solutions), Private Equity IVCA Portfolio Company of the Year

TPC is a provider of industrial skills and workplace safety training, performance management, and compliance software solutions for environmental, health, & safety (EHS). The enterprise helps companies in all industries train their employees so they can safely and effectively perform their jobs. As a leader in Industrial maintenance training, they have the latest and most comprehensive library of courses that can be delivered online or through our expert instructors via in-person or virtual formats.

Frontenac acquired the Buffalo Grove-based TPC in March 2018. They worked with the leadership team and a value-added Board of Directors to expand the TPC’s customer base (Fortune 500 customers), channels (B2C compliance), technology products (simulations and workforce management software), and end markets (food), while identifying and supporting the acquisition and integration of five M&A targets. The resulting business mix shifted from less than 45% digital delivery to more than 85% digital delivery.

HEADLINE, ‘TPC Training Expands Capabilities with Acquisition of Workforce Safety and Management Solution, Intelivert’

Kirkland & Ellis LLP presents the 2022 IVCA Awards Dinner, December 5th at The Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago. For information, click here.

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