New Event on the IVCA Calendar!  July 12th “Web3 is coming. Are your teams ready?”

March 30, 2022

IVCA adds another event to our calendar on July 12th, “Web3 is coming. Are your teams ready?”

Bloomberg has described Web3 as an idea that “would build financial assets, in the form of tokens, into the inner workings of almost anything you do online”.  Some have expressed the notion that Web3 could improve data security, scalability, and privacy beyond what is currently possible with Web 2.0 platforms.

IVCA Members Only!

What does might this new iteration of the internet look like for your businesses? How can you begin the transition?

  • What kind of companies are building Web3?
  • How is it being used today?
  • How is  VC capital building Web3?
  • Cryptocurrency: which one(s)?
  • How will mature companies be affected by Web3?
  • Which firms are most active in this space?

In-person event at downtown location. Location will be disclosed in your event registration.

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