IVCA Feature: Venture Capital and Private Equity Regulatory and Legal News in the Financial Media

March 2, 2022

As the first quarter rolls along, many regulatory and legal priorities are on the table for Venture Capital and Private Equity. What progress and implications can be expected from pending regulations, laws and the lobbying associated with them on a national level? The Financial and Legal Media weighs in …

NVCA.org, ‘Venture Industry’s 2022 Policy Priorities’

In 2022, many of the policy debates of last year will continue. But one lesson is clear: there are “known unknowns” – policy issues will come out of left field, and we will be prepared to defend the industry. Let’s look ahead at what this year will bring.

READ MORE: https://nvca.org/venture-industrys-2022-policy-priorities/

NatLawReview.com, ‘Top Ten Regulatory and Litigation Risks for Private Funds in 2022’

Private funds are now an integral part of the global economy and, as a consequence, are affected by it. Currently, there are massive structural changes occurring simultaneously across industries and the economy as a whole.

READ MORE: https://www.natlawreview.com/article/top-ten-regulatory-and-litigation-risks-private-funds-2022

Crunchbase.com, ‘SEC Eyes Big Changes That Could Affect Venture Investors And Growing Unicorn Herd’

The commission has started to look into the possibility of requiring large private companies to routinely disclose information about their finances and how they operate, according to reporting in The Wall Street Journal in early January. Such a change would likely have the most impact on the growing number of companies that have reached unicorn status.
READ MORE: https://news.crunchbase.com/news/sec-private-company-funds-unicorn-vc-changes/

WeForum.org, ‘Venture Capital Must Embed ESG to Back the Companies of the Future’

In February, the UN PRI released a discussion paper detailing the development of environmental, social and corporate governance in venture capital, putting the spotlight on the attitudes and outlooks towards ESG among VC firms globally.
READ MORE: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2022/02/vcs-must-embed-esg-to-back-the-companies-of-the-future/

Willkie.com, ‘2022 Regulatory Headwinds: Potential Changes to Securities Laws and Regulations and the Impact on Private Fund Managers’

A more comprehensive overview: “The expected SEC rulemakings for public companies and for the asset management industry are both likely to significantly affect asset managers and investment funds. The public company disclosure regime will determine whether asset managers have access to the type of ESG-related information that the industry has called for to make informed investment decisions.”

READ MORE (PDF 17 pages): https://www.willkie.com/-/media/files/publications/2022/willkieaca2022regulatoryheadwindspotentialchangest.pdf

hbr.com, PODCAST: ‘How Venture Capital Made the Modern World’

Journalist and author Sebastian Mallaby – with his new book “The Power Law; Venture Capital and the Making of the New Future” – joins Azeem Azhar to discuss the history (and future) of venture capital.

LISTEN HERE (59 Minutes): https://hbr.org/podcast/2022/02/how-venture-capital-made-the-modern-world-with-sebastian-mallaby

STBlaw.com, PODCAST: ‘Diving into the Regulatory Environment for Private Funds’

This inaugural episode focuses on the SEC’s priorities relating to private funds, including SEC Chairman Gary Gensler’s recent speech at the ILPA Summit.

LISTEN HERE (27 Minutes): https://www.stblaw.com/regulatory-roundtable-podcast

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