IVCA Feature: Venture Capital and Private Equity Podcasts & Vodcasts Online, and Latest Episodes

October 10, 2023

The hottest cultural phenomenon post the millennium is undoubtably the podcast, and its YouTube-type video sibling the “vodcast.” For the price of internet access and a microphone, various voices can broadcast their stories and perspectives. The Venture Capital and Private Equity Industries are no exceptions, as a number of established and newer voices are pod and vod casting their points of view.

Here are some prime examples, and their latest episodes (click title) …


In this episode, a coverage of a variety of topics, including how founders and VCs can navigate difficult moments faced in 2023, approaches to investing, firm building, and partnering with founders, and why perhaps the current market is not as bad as many have feared. (45 MINUTES)

LINK TO PODCAST PAGE: https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/xq29u-409dc/Origins—A-podcast-about-the-LP-and-VC-ecosystem

VENTURE STORIES PODCAST BY VILLAGE GLOBAL, Reference Checking and Personality Assessments

Be aware of how your own mindset and mood affects your analysis of a candidate as well as how it impacts how the candidate shows up in the interview … The ideal reference check call should take longer than you might think … When someone comes from a prestigious company, we often fail to control for the weight that the reputation of the company carries when we form our impression of them. (51 MINUTES).

LINK TO PODCAST PAGE: https://www.villageglobal.vc/podcast

ETS INSIDER PODCAST, Navigating Personal and Financial Risk in Entrepreneurship

Produced by the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Chicago Booth, it stands for ENTREPRENEURSHIP THROUGH ACQUISITION. Episode 64 stresses the significance of personal risk assessment in ETA and discusses the host’s acquisition process, including location and size criteria. The host also highlights the challenges of scaling a service-oriented business and the importance of company culture. (32 MINUTES)

LINK TO PODCAST PAGE: https://polsky.uchicago.edu/podcasts/eta-insider/

SALT YouTube, Artificial Intelligence is Here. What’s Next?

SALT is a global thought leadership and networking forum encompassing finance, technology, and public policy. Three of the world’s foremost experts on artificial intelligence took the stage at SALT iConnections New York to discuss their work in the field and where they see the technology heading. They share their thoughts on AI’s biggest areas of impact, open vs. closed models and the biggest risks to consider. (33 MINUTES).

LINK TO PODCAST PAGE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCnhrPnlIOHxr9kviPgqq-g

M&A SCIENCE PODCAST, How to Balance Culture During an Integration

Integration is not just about combining processes and systems. It is also about bridging the cultures of the companies and creating a shared identity. However, integrating two organizations can be complex, especially when it comes to managing major cultural differences. In this episode, an exploration of key strategies for effectively balancing culture during an integration. (46 MINUTES)

LINK TO PODCAST PAGE: https://www.mascience.com/podcast

PRIVATE EQUITY FUNCAST, Mergers and Acquisitions

(Most notable on the fun factor may be the theme song) The guest is a noted authority on mergers and acquisitions has represented buyers and sellers in a multitude of industries. In this episode, the focus is on on the most common pitfalls that can derail a deal. (90 MINUTES)

LINK TO PODCAST PAGE: https://pefuncast.libsyn.com/

PRIVATE EQUITY PE(RSPECITIVE) PODCAST, Partnering with Portfolio Company CFOs to Navigate Talent and Workforce Challenges

From BDO USA out of of Chicago: Deal Acquisition and value creation strategies … Key challenges facing Portfolio Company CFOs … Talent Management concerns. (32 MINUTES)

LINK TO PODCAST PAGE: https://www.bdo.com/insights/industries/private-equity/private-equity-perspectives-podcast

RARE LIQUID YOUTUBE CHANNEL, The Untold Secrets of Working in Private Equity

An introductory youth-oriented perspective on the PE business … good for research: In this video, The host goes over the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of private equity. (12 MINUTES)

LINK TO PODCAST PAGE: https://www.youtube.com/@rareliquid/about

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