IVCA Feature: VC & PE Forecasts & Assessments in 4th Quarter 2023

August 23, 2023

As the Venture Capital and Private Equity industries head into 4th quarter 2023, the year has had some ups and downs, as the numbers continue to play out. There is optimism as the tail end of the year begins, with new tech continuing to draw investors. The IVCA collected some assessments from the firms and financial press online.

Bain.com, ’Venture Capital Outlook: The Latest Trends

In the US, AI and biotech startups continue to garner interest from investors across all stages, particularly as economic headwinds seem to weaken. In fact, excluding the OpenAI and Stripe deals, US funding increased about 10% quarter over quarter

READ MORE: https://www.bain.com/insights/global-venture-capital-outlook-latest-trends-snap-chart/

Axios.com, ‘Signs of Hope for Late-Stage Valuations’

Median pre-money Series C, D and E valuations for U.S. startups showed signs of bouncing back — or at least not falling anymore … Since the downturn started about 18 months ago, late-stage startups have borne the brunt of ripples from the private market, given their proximity to public-market valuations.

READ MORE: https://www.axios.com/2023/07/08/venture-capital-q2-data

TheTwentyMinuteVC.com, Podcast: ’20VC Roundtable’

Topics: “Why the Seed Investing Model is Broken, How to Make Money at Seed Moving Forward; Who Wins and Who Loses, Why Venture Value Add Platforms are BS and Failed and Why There Will be an IPO per Week in H2 2024.”

LISTEN HERE (54 MINUTES): https://www.thetwentyminutevc.com/why-seed-is-broken/

IdeaToIPO, YouTube Video: ’8/10/23 Venture Capital Panel: What’s Hot, What’s Not!’

A distinguished panel of venture capitalists discuss what’s hot and what’s not in the Silicon Valley venture capital and tech startup ecosystem. The panelists also discuss the types of startups they invest in and what they look for in the startups they choose to fund.

WATCH HERE (96 MINUTES): https://youtu.be/DtPwQVnLeLA

PIOnline.com, ’Private Equity Returns to Fall Below Public Index in 2023 – [According to] PitchBook’

From PENSIONS & INVESTMENTS site: “Private equity returns are expected to drop below public markets this year due to falling valuations, said a PitchBook report released Friday. Not including fees, the median private equity return for the six largest publicly traded private equity managers in the first quarter was 2.4%, compared with 7.5% for the S&P 500 index, the report said.”

READ MORE: https://www.pionline.com/alternatives/private-equity-returns-fall-below-public-index-2023-pitchbook

Alpha-Sense.com, ’Private Equity: Trends and Outlook’

In order to inform the most likely outlook for Private Equity (PE) in 2023, it is important to look back at the most impactful trends of the past year. By noticing the patterns, key issues, and relevant events that have affected PE in the past, we can get a much better understanding of what trends to expect …

READ MORE: https://www.alpha-sense.com/blog/trends/private-equity-trends/

Bain.com, Podcast: ’Put Fundraising on the Front Burner’

We’re now in a severely capital-constrained environment. When you think about fund-raising being off by 30% this year, and you think about there being $3 of demand for every dollar of supply of capital, it’s clear the game has changed, and not just for a quarter or two.

LISTEN HERE (85 MINUTES): https://www.bain.com/insights/put-fund-raising-on-the-front-burner-podcast/

Blackstone, YouTube Video: ’SuperReturn 2023: Blackstones Private Equity Outlook’

Blackstone executives convened in Berlin at SuperReturn 2023, the world’s largest Private Capital conference, to share their insights on the current investing environment.

WATCH HERE (4 CHAPTERS, 12 MINUTES): https://youtu.be/1iQwmIqHRCw

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