IVCA Feature: The Latest on What Venture Capital and Private Equity Don’t Like

The opinions on what trends the Venture Capital and Private Equity industries don’t like are as prevalent as the success factors within the institutions. For 2023 and other recent years, here is what the financial press is saying about the circumstances and topics that are not favored when reflected through the VC and PE prism …

Forbes.com, ’Seven Reasons Why Venture Capitalists will Hate Your Idea

You’ve got no shot at funding if your potential venture capitalist flat-out hates your idea. If you’re “next great” idea has any of the following characteristics, there’s a solid chance a VC isn’t going to dig it.

READ MORE: https://www.forbes.com/sites/joshlinkner/2012/07/23/7-reasons-why-venture-capitalists-will-hate-your-idea/?sh=52c608312d08

Techstars.com, ’Five Things I’ve Learned in VC That They Don’t Tell Entrepreneurs

One of the things that has always fascinated me about venture capital is the fact that it is one of the world’s last remaining occupations that is almost completely apprenticeship based.  How to get a job in venture capital — and how to get money from venture capitalists — seem to remain some of life’s big mysteries. This may explain, in part, why the industry is so intriguing: I know that to many entrepreneurs, VC can feel like a black box.

READ MORE: https://www.techstars.com/the-line/advice/5-things-i-learned-in-vc-that-they-dont-tell-entrepreneurs

ModernHealthCare.com, ’Healthcare Venture Capital Potentially Peaked. Now what?

Recently, and predictably, reports signaling the “bust times” [for Healthcare VC] have proliferated, as evidenced by the amount of capital retreating from the sector. As we enter a period of capital markets “regime change,” how might this affect entrepreneurs, investors, innovative technologies and most importantly, patients?

READ MORE: https://digitalhealth.modernhealthcare.com/opinion/healthcare-venture-capital-potentially-peaked-now-what

DocSend.com, ’Eight reasons why a VC might hate your business

You will often hear VCs speaking about their own “pattern matching” when they assess new investments. Each VC has positive and negative fact factors drawn from their own previous direct experiences, their specific investment thesis, the market outlook at that time, as well as their preferred mental and business models.

READ MORE: https://www.docsend.com/blog/why-a-vc-might-hate-your-business-and-what-you-can-do-about-it/

MiddleMarketCenter.org, ’Survey Shows Mixed Views of Private Equity Ownership

The advantages and disadvantages are matched, you like [private equity firms] or dislike them for fairly similar reasons, which suggests to me the ownership or management style of private equity firms varies.

READ MORE: https://www.middlemarketcenter.org/MM_News/survey-shows-mixed-views-of-private-equity-ownership

LynxEquity.com, Podcast: ’Brad Nathan on the challenges of Private Equity

In this episode, a discussion on common mistakes made in the private equity industry, Lynx’ buy-and-hold strategy and humble approach, and how Lynx’ management team was cultivated over the last 15 years.

LISTEN HERE (36 minutes): https://www.lynxequity.com/brad-nathan-on-the-challenges-of-private-equity-and-the-secret-to-his-success/

Boston Consulting Group YouTube: ’What a Year’s Worth of Data Tells Us About Private Equity and ESG

For the first time ever, private equity firms are generating standardized, comparable, performance-based ESG metrics for private markets. The findings are already challenging long-held assumptions.

WATCH HERE (5 minutes): https://youtu.be/BnAom0o2SsE

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