IVCA Feature: New Member Profile of Decasonic

January 18, 2023

In this new year, the new member participants in the Illinois Venture Capital Association (IVCA) keeps expanding, giving the current membership new opportunities for networking, in addition to offering support and partnerships. This advantage keeps evolving the association and its advocation of Venture Capital, Private Equity and satellite industries. The latest new member is Decasonic, the venture and digital assets fund building blockchain innovation.

The following is a Q&A profile with Decasonic, which explores the firm’s background and their expectations for interacting with the IVCA.

New Member: Decasonic
Representatives: Paul Hsu, Founder & CEO and Cami Darling, Head of Marketing

IVCA: What is a brief history and background on Decasonic?

Decasonic: Decasonic is the venture and digital assets fund building blockchain innovation. We draw on our decades of experience as both tech investors and operators to help founders in blockchain accelerate product market fit and scale growth. Since 2013, we have been believers, builders and investors in blockchain. We engineer with a systematic approach to iconic growth.

IVCA: Why did the firm decide to join the Illinois Venture Capital Association?

Decasonic: Decasonic is an active member in the VC community, both nationally and locally, including membership at the NVCA. We were elated at the opportunity to join the IVCA during the fund’s inaugural year, and look forward to collaborations with other member firms.

IVCA: You are a cutting edge tech investor with an emphasis on blockchain. What is the status of investor knowledge/enthusiasm regarding the blockchain, in your opinion, and what does that predict for 2023?

Decasonic: Despite market price action, investor knowledge and sentiment continues to grow. Decasonic hosts Chicago’s marquee web3 conference, Web3 Investor Day, which aims to showcase the substantial use cases and innovation happening in web3 to institutional investors.  

IVCA: Obviously there has been a downturn on blockchain currencies in the last year. What general  advantages does an investor have within this downturn, in where you’re sitting, and for other uses of the blockchain?

Decasonic: There have been a lot of ups and mostly downs in the last year, and first and foremost we offer support and sympathy to anyone affected by bad actors in the space. Decasonic has a very strategic investment approach, which leaves us in a very good position to deploy capital during this downturn. Price volatility has caused tourists to flee, leaving behind the dedicated builders who are committed to building a more sovereign digital experience.

IVCA: You list ‘people, data and relationships’ as the north stars of your fund. How do those three elements interact and contribute to the success of your fund?

Decasonic: We are big believers that these three elements form the success of early stage venture capital. In early stage ventures, first and foremost, people matter … the belief in people and their outlier potential. We co-develop those Day One execution plans with our founders and systematically execute with data. We overlay people and data to form deep long term relationships and deliver on that outlier success.  

IVCA: Now that some blockchain products has had the ‘correction,’  what does the future and potential hold for the technology, that investors should be thinking about?

Decasonic: Web3 remains the opportunity of our generation. While an interesting use-case of NFT communities was an engaging first stage of user-adoption, Decasonic is eager to see how the customer experience can be further revolutionized using blockchain technology, including NFT’s.
IVCA: What does Decasonic hope to achieve in their interaction with the VC/PE community within the IVCA?

Decasonic: With ‘people’ and ‘relationships’ as our north stars, we look forward to building our network of like minded firms, funds & family offices. We anticipate many fond collaborations, events, and engagements with fellow members.

For the website of Decasonic, click here.

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