IVCA Feature: For Women’s History Month, Online Articles Highlighting Women’s Participation in Venture Capital and Private Equity

February 28, 2024

As March begins the celebration of Women’s History Month, as well as International Women’s Day on March 8th, the contributions of women in the Venture Capital and Private Equity space are becoming increasingly more influential as demographic and other trends in a historically male oriented profession change. To kick off a two-part series during March, we start with online articles and podcasts highlighting this evolution.

Linkedin.com, ‘Meet 8 Extraordinary Female VCs Who Redefine Venture Capital’

Venture Capital largely remains a male-dominated industry with only 15% of general partner positions being held by women. The trend, however, seems to be shifting.

READ MORE: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/meet-8-extraordinary-female-vcs-who-redefine-venture-capital

Forbes.com, ‘Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Venture Capital’

As a society, we need to keep pushing for increased accountability, diversity, and inclusion in the Venture Capital industry. Encouragingly though, there are currently several organizations and initiatives aimed at bridging this gap and empowering women to become successful entrepreneurs.

READ MORE: https://www.forbes.com/sites/melissahouston/2023/11/06/breaking-barriers-empowering-women-entrepreneurs-in-venture-capital/?sh=615112252387

CPPInvestments.com, ‘Women at the Forefront of Alternative Investments’

Six Interviews with PE Professionals: “The Private Equity industry has been behind the public markets in managing the gender imbalance. Approximately 20% of investment professionals in private equity are women; at the Managing Director level that falls to 10%; then within Investment Committees that falls into the single digits. It’s important to understand how gender balance is prioritized and where the importance is placed, as well as how this is formalized and executed.”

READ MORE: https://www.cppinvestments.com/insight-institute/women-at-the-forefront-of-alternative-investments/

InvestorAmnesia.com, ‘Speculative Women: A History of Female Investors’

From the South Sea Bubble to the railways of the 19th century, women have played a vital role in shaping the financial landscape. This series of articles explores how women investors were intimately involved in the history of speculation, and how their participation challenged traditional gender roles.

READ MORE: https://investoramnesia.com/2023/03/12/speculative-women-a-history-of-female-investors/

Visible.VC, ‘The Rise of Women Led VC Firms’

Women-led venture capital firms are relatively new players in the VC world, but they are rapidly gaining traction. These firms are founded and run by women, who bring a unique perspective to the table when it comes to identifying and investing in promising startups.

READ MORE: https://visible.vc/blog/women-led-vc-firms/  

PODCAST, YouTube, ‘Deal Us In: Promoting the Advancement of Women in Private Equity and Finance’

“Deal Us In” promotes the advancement of women in Private Equity and finance through conversations with women leaders and rising stars in the private equity and finance space. These conversations provide both insights and practical takeaways to inform your deal work and enhance the culture of your organization. Various episodes available.

LISTEN HERE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIhiURlywxricMQ3gAliqfrJglV7LlqxA

PODCAST, FemaleVCLab.com, ‘Female VC Lab’

The Female VC Lab Podcast showcases the journeys of female investors. We’re sitting down with Female VCs, Investors, GPs and LPs to talk about their funds, how they invest, how they make an impact, and their vision for the future.

LISTEN HERE: https://www.femalevclab.com/ 

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