IVCA Feature: Back to the Office … VC/PE Personnel & HR Issues as 2022 Pandemic Rules Change

March 16, 2022

As the positive numbers recede and pandemic restrictions lessen, Venture Capital and Private Equity Offices – like all businesses – are making decisions regarding personnel and resources within the “New Normal 3.0.” The online financial and HR media weigh in on how the atmosphere is evolving.

Fortune.com, ‘Why This Venture Capital Firm is Only Hiring Women in 2022’

It’s no secret that venture capital has a diversity problem. Your typical investor is white, male, and holds a degree from Harvard or Stanford. Here’s how one firm is tackling the problem: No more hiring men. 

READ MORE (Behind a Paywall): https://fortune.com/2022/02/24/venture-capital-swiftarc-ventures-hiring-women-diversity-gender/

MiddleMarketGrowth.org, ‘The Great Resignation in the Middle Market’

The private equity industry is busier than ever and there aren’t any signs of it slowing down in the near future. U.S. private equity dealmaking notched a record deal value through Q3 2021 and everyone agrees that the end of the year and at least the beginning of 2022 will be just as busy.
The frenetic pace is exhausting employees at private equity firms and portfolio companies alike. Between the great resignation that we’ve all heard so much about and burnout, U.S. companies are contending with the tightest labor market ever.

READ MORE:  https://middlemarketgrowth.org/deal-guide-2022-great-resignation/

IHSMarkit.com, ‘Private Fund CFOs Adjust to a New Normal in Valuations’

Private equity and venture capital firms are adjusting to a new normal of post-pandemic market volatility. As increasingly swift moves in market multiples occur to the up or downside, many CFOs and COOs are reflecting on their internal valuation processes in an effort to be more proactive with limited partners.
READ MORE:  https://ihsmarkit.com/research-analysis/for-2022-private-fund-cfos-adjust-to-a-new-normal-in-valuations.html

McKinsey.com, ‘How to Play the New Talent Game and Win Back Workers’

While workers are demanding (and receiving) higher compensation, many of them also want more flexibility, community, and an inclusive culture (what we call relational factors) to accept a full-time job at a traditional employer.

READ MORE:  https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/people-and-organizational-performance/our-insights/gone-for-now-or-gone-for-good-how-to-play-the-new-talent-game-and-win-back-workers

Beekeeper.io, ‘Top Five Human Resources Trends to Watch in 2022’

Today, many HR leaders are facing an inflection point – how do we attract, retain, and engage the talent we need to remain successful? However … many are turning the Great Resignation into a Great Opportunity.
READ MORE: https://www.beekeeper.io/blog/top-5-hr-trends/

ProskauerPodcasts.com, ‘Employee Retention Issues’

It seems like there is an article almost every day talking about the “great resignation.”  In a nutshell, there have been far more job transitions recently than there have been in the past … we discuss what employers can do to help retain employees in this working environment.
LISTEN HERE (8 Minutes): https://benefits.proskauerpodcasts.com/e/episode-46-employee-retention-issues/

HBS.edu, ‘Harvard Business School Podcast: Hybrid Workforce Transformation’

How do you manage a digital transformation while steering a heavily frontline business through a pandemic? Iron Mountain CHRO Edward Greene explains how the 70-year-old records management company is developing talent internally and staffing up to enter new markets.
LISTEN HERE (26 Minutes): https://www.hbs.edu/managing-the-future-of-work/podcast/Pages/default.aspx

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